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Common Buyer Questions


Q: How much will I have to pay in commissions when buying a house with a Redefy agent?


Nothing! Buyers don’t typically pay their agent’s commission. This is usually a fee that is the responsibility of the home seller.

Q: Why buy with Redefy?


A: Redefy agents have the experience and the local knowledge to find you the right house for the best price possible. Nothing beats experience, and Redefy agents are some of the most experience agents around!

“Redefy is INCREDIBLE – amazing staff, efficient and knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They made buying our first home SEAMLESS. 10/10 I would recommend them to anyone! I am so grateful we chose to work with them throughout this process (of buying our first home) – we were incredibly nervous about figuring out this whole process for the first time, but Redefy made it so incredibly simple. I am beyond appreciative for this group and what they did for us and continue to do for others!”

David M.

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