Housing News 5.15.2017
This week in housing news you can use, find out the best cities for college grads, markets that did and didn’t make a comeback, and buy a house from Johnny Depp.


The best metros for college grads

Job-hunting site Indeed and housing portal Trulia researched the U.S. metropolitan areas where college grads can afford to live. The study found that that markets with the best job markets are also the most expensive. The salaries for college grads is higher in these cities, but they’ll likely find themselves paying high rent. On the flip side, the most affordable markets are also short on jobs. There’s no single market that has high amounts of affordable housing and job openings. What’s a college grad to do? The study found 10 cities with the affordable housing and decent job markets. Check the map below to check where you live.

The happy medium: affordable housing and available jobs Openings Affordable listings
Dayton, Ohio 15.6% 42.8%
Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, Ohio-Pennsylvania 9.9% 40.0%
Detroit-Warren-Dearborn, MI 18.9% 39.5%
Akron, Ohio 12.7% 38.6%
Toledo, Ohio 10.4% 37.0%
Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas 14.6% 35.2%
Wichita, Kansas 12.9% 34.6%
Birmingham-Hoover, Alabama 12.8% 33.5%
St. Louis, Missouri-Illinois 15.0% 32.3%
Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway, Arkansas 12.0% 31.3%

Source: Trulia

How many millennials live with their parents?

The U.S. Census Bureau studied how the lives of young adults from the 1970s to the present. One topic of interest is the number that lived at home with mom and pop. It’s a big change. In the mid-70s, 57% of young adults aged 18-34 lived on their own and just 26% lived with their parents. Currently, the proportion of millennials living with their parents is 31%, and fewer are marrying young.

Redefy housing news 5.15.2017 milennials living at home via Business Insider

Source: Business Insider

Many homes still below pre-recession peak

Despite the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Index, the FHFA House Price Index and other report, the comeback isn’t complete. Trulia’s latest study shows that only 34.2% of U.S. homes went above their pre-recession peak, and it really depends on where you live. In Denver and  San Fran, 98% exceeded their pre-recession prices. But in cities like Tucson and Las Vegas, less than 3% reached that mark. Check the map for your area’s recovery percentage.

Source: Housing Wire

Depp Estate for sale

Redefy Real Estate housing news 5.15.2017 college grads image of Depp estate via Christies

Johnny Depp recently filed at $25 million lawsuit accusing his managers of fraud and mismanagement. Since then, he’s been questioned about his lavish lifestyle. He also loves real estate – which includes the purchase of 14 posh properties. Among Depp’s many residences now for sale, you could purchase 37-acre village in the south of France, three islands in the Bahamas called Little Halls Pond Cay and penthouses in the Art Deco-style Eastern Columbia building in LA. He also owns five homes in a Hollywood Hills cul-de-sac he reportedly wanted to connect with tunnels.

Source: The Real Deal


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