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This week in housing news you can use, find out how much house you can get for $300K, the best cities for rental properties and take a look inside a modern yet stylish portable prefab.

9 Best cities for investments

If you’re looking for a city to buy a rental-home investment, these nine locales took top honors from HomeUnion, a real estate investment management company. The numbers are based on the first quarter of 2017, based on first-year returns.

City Price YOY change  % Cap %
Cleveland, OH $75,512 16.2 11.5
Cincinnati, OH $87,092 11.4 9.8
Columbia, SC $94,372 4.9 8.6
Memphis, TN $89,675 1.1 8.5
Richmond, VA 121,682 5.8 8.2
Oklahoma City, OK $97,962 22.4 8.2
Indianapolis, IN $101,948 6.5 8.1
St. Louis, MO $96,412 8.3 8.1
Pittsburgh, PA $95,489 -4.5 8.0

Source: Business Insider

What do you get for $300K?

With a $300,000 mortgage prequalification, what you get for the money varies by location. Here are the states ranked best bang for the buck.

States That Buy the Most Square Footage for $300,000:

  • Indiana: 3,478 Square Feet
  • Mississippi: 3,402 Square Feet
  • Arkansas: 3,390 Square Feet
  • Ohio: 3,366 Square Feet
  • West Virginia: 3,360 Square Feet
  • Alabama: 3,256 Square Feet
  • Oklahoma: 3,175 Square Feet
  • Kansas: 3,053 Square Feet
  • Missouri: 3,051 Square Feet
  • Georgia: 3,020 Square Feet

States That Buy the Least Square Footage for $300,000:

  • District of Columbia: 603 Square Feet
  • Hawaii: 625 Square Feet
  • California: 1,066 Square Feet
  • Massachusetts: 1,327 Square Feet
  • Colorado: 1,471 Square Feet
  • Oregon: 1,588 Square Feet
  • Rhode Island: 1,634 Square Feet
  • New York: 1,664 Square Feet
  • Washington: 1,694 Square Feet
  • Montana: 1,779 Square Feet

Source: RIS Media

This is one sweet portable prefab

Prefab homes don’t always catch the eye of a designer. But sleek, modern prefab Coodo 64 units were featured by Elle Décor for their stylish and unique options. The shipping-container-sized units can be stacked and connected a number of ways to fit your desired configuration. They’re made with mostly recycled products and have smart-home capabilities. Best of all, you can move them anytime.

Source: Elle Décor via YouTube


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