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🗹 Comparative market analysis to maximize your listing price
🗹 Listing documents and disclosures
🗹For sale sign from a local agency in front yard
🗹 Lockbox so agents can show your home without interrupting your day
🗹 Photos taken by your agent
🗹 Listed on the MLS to leverage the entire agent network to find a buyer for your home
🗹 Your home posted on Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com
🗹 Contract negotiation and counter-offer consultation
🗹 Coordination with the buyer agent on paperwork for closing




The Redefy Listing Process

Flat Fee Real Estate Listing Process

How Flat Fee Real Estate Works

At Redefy, our mission is to bring down the high cost of selling a home and pass those savings back to you. We do that by charging a flat fee of $3,500 to sell your home. That flat fee includes all the services of a traditional agent, starting with an in-home consultation, professional photography, yard signs, lock boxes, scheduling showings, marketing and advertising. On top of that, your home is listed on the MLS, which pushes your home onto thousands of websites including Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com. With over 92% of homebuyers searching for homes on the internet, online exposure is critical to attracting buyers. But our services don’t stop there. Our team stays with you, helping you understand inspections, contracts, negotiating offers and closing. A traditional listing agent would typically charge you a 3% commission for all those services. On a $400,000 home sale, that adds up to $12,000! At Redefy, we offer the same service for only $3,500. That’s $8,500 in savings, keeping your equity where it belongs; in your pocket! At Redefy, we’re changing the way homes are sold!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a broker's co-op?

The broker’s co-op is the split in commission between a buyer’s agent and a listing agent. Traditionally the broker’s co-op was split at about 3% to the listing agent, and 3% to the buyer’s agent. At Redefy, we replace the listing agent commission with a $3500 flat fee, but the seller is still responsible for the full buyer’s agent commission.

When do I pay the $3,500?

Our $3500 flat fee begins with a $500 non-refundable deposit paid at the time you sign a listing contract with us. It is used to pay for the marketing of your property. The deposit is part of the $3500 fee and is deducted from the $3500, so at closing, you’ll only owe the remaining $3000. The $3500 ONLY covers the listing agent’s commission. You will still be responsible for paying the buyer’s agent commission. (broker co-op).

Do I still pay the buyer's agent commission?

Yes. This is what’s known as the broker’s co-op. Though we only charge $3,500 as our listing fee, we recommend paying the full buyer’s agent commission. This helps to ensure the proper interest in your home, ultimately resulting in a faster sale for your desired listing price.

How does your $3,500 flat fee work?

There are three main costs when selling a house. Paying the listing agent, paying the buyer’s agent and title fees. We save money on the listing side of the transaction by charging a flat fee of $3500 instead of a commission (typically around 3% of the price of a home). Home sellers will still be responsible for paying the buyer’s agent and title fees.